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The packaging is the display

Everything is included: The ready-made display, consisting of a topper, four tray levels, a base and rear and two side walls, is integrated into the packaging. In this way, the overall package achieves notable savings in logistics. Because only one storage space is required in the warehouse, the lower shipping volume causes less CO2 due to better space utilization in the truck and the integrated sleeve does not require separate disposal in retail. In addition, this does not even have to be set up separately.

But not only the material savings of "Packing itself" are convincing. The faster availability of the innovative packaging display is also advantageous: With this solution, waiting times for the shipping packaging are completely eliminated.

The secondary placement, made entirely of corrugated board, can be refined with any desired, individual and brand-defining print motif. The stable and material-saving design is ideal for a wide variety of products, including heavy ones, from the cosmetics sector, but also for many other consumer goods. After the end of the campaign, the reuse of the display material by returning it to the waste paper recycling system is desired.

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