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The Panther Group is a family-owned and managed company and supplies the European Market with corrugated board, packaging, displays, pre-print products and various services. The strategy we follow for our customers is to develop innovations and to use synergies. What that means is that we subject ourselves to continual self-development. Flat hierarchies, decentralised organisation and on-the-spot decisions-makers ensure the necessary degree of flexibility. Modern technologies and standards find easy entry thanks to readily understandable operating structures and clear competences.

Our Panther Innovations Program also encourages commitment on the part of all the employees throughout the Group. This creates fertile ground for creative potential and vision. Panther’s willingness to invest follows our innovative spirit.

With this awareness, we make practical use of our business relationships, and stand alongside you as a forward-looking, trusting partner. All Panther’s plants are located throughout Germany strategically favourable sites near the border.

Impressions in the world of the Panther Group

Traditional family business

The Panther Group is a family business headquartered in Tornesch, Schleswig-Holstein (Germany). The foundation for today’s Panther Group was laid in 1902: the founding of the Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik. We have focused successfully since then on the healthy growth of the Group. We have founded or acquired other companies, developed new locations and plants as well as captured markets.

We invested continuously during all of these phases to push forward constant growth. We always give top priority to the personal element in our business relationships. Panther has now accompanied businesses large and small in the national and international industry for more than a century. More information on our history.

Latest technologies

The individual plants are continuing to develop towards Industry 4.0 through sustained modernisation of their production facilities and the expansion of digital process steps. The Panther Group offers individually customised and partnership solutions wherever you can derive benefits through closer networking between our systems. At the same time, the family-run company group will carry traditional values and proven virtues forward into the future.

One thing has not changed since 1902: our passion for corrugated board

At one time we produced classical brown packaging. Nowadays, our product range encompasses a broad spectrum of services. From corrugated board and display manufacture to printing including assembly: The Panther Group offers you all these services from a single source. This has been made possible by opening up new sites and associated market segments. Our services are based on accumulated know-how and an intuitive instinct for synergies.

Would you like to find out more about our services?

The Panther Group is your binding partner for corrugated board packaging. Our product was once “the brown box” – the classic outer carton. Today it is multifunctional sales and transport packaging. Growing online trade, changing consumer behavior and global competition call for innovative packaging for your goods.

The Panther-Philosophy: For shared success


Our products enable human beings to receive all types of goods all over the world.


In the eyes of our customers we wish with our sustainable products to be the best company in the packaging industry.


We always give of our best. In our Group, we work honestly, loyally and reliably with each other. Our cooperation within the Panther Group is characterized by a sense of responsibility, fairness and discipline.

In the Panther Group, nobody is disadvantaged on account of age, sex, origin, nationality or world view. We respect general human rights.


We want to grow regardless of the overall economic situation. We want to make profits, because only a successful company remains equipped for the future and represents a competent partner for our customers.

Even in the face of strong competition, we shall prevail - regardless of the difficulties on our way.

Guiding principles

Customer requirements determine our thoughts and actions.

We put the very highest premium on skill, performance and cooperation, which go beyond the individual company. We respect individual initiative and continued personal education.

Members of staff, who live the Panther-Philosophy are our strength, because they are not only our capital, but also characterize our reputation and performance.

Our constant striving for improvement determines our mutual success.

We want to be a source of innovations in order to remain equipped for the future.

In order to achieve a price level, which is right for the market, we are continuously optimizing our costs.

Quality and the safety of our employees are our first priority. The skills of our staff are reflected in the quality of our products and services. That quality creates the highest satisfaction among our customers and binds them in the long term to our company group.

The environment is an asset which is worthy of protection. Our products can be recycled and are an important part of the material cycle.

Guiding principles
Pillars of sustainability

Addendum to Panther-Philosophy: Pillars of sustainability

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Pillars of sustainability