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Revolutionary packaging: Discover the world of Panther

The Panther Group is your reliable partner for packaging. What once began as a simple “brown box” has now developed into versatile sales and transport solutions. The growing importance of online retail, changing consumer behavior and global competition require innovative packaging for a wide variety of products.

At Panther we combine many years of expertise with outstanding innovative strength. We specialize in the development of individual packaging solutions, ranging from folding boxes to multi-point glued automatic packaging, gift packaging, shelf-ready packaging and dangerous goods packaging. Our comprehensive portfolio covers both primary and secondary packaging to meet your specific needs.

Panther offers you a comprehensive service for your products. We take all relevant factors into account, from inventory management to our customers’ marketing. Individually designed packaging increases the sales success of your goods. They not only convey the product, but also your brand message. We always pay attention to the highest quality and cost-conscious production that meets the current standards of your industry. Thanks to our extensive range of printing and finishing options, we can design your brand presence in a variety of ways.

Packaging for every industry – Panther sets standards

The Panther Group is your expert for tailor-made packaging solutions that are both functional and visually impressive. With decades of experience and an extensive portfolio, Panther has established on the market. We understand the individual requirements of a wide range of industries and implement these into innovative packaging concepts.

Our packaging covers a wide range, from environmentally friendly corrugated board to specialized solid board solutions. We value sustainability and use environmentally friendly materials. Regardless of whether it is about the safe transport of goods or the attractive presentation of them at the point of sale - at Panther you will find the ideal packaging solution.

We offer a variety of designs and finishing options to best showcase your brand. From individual printing solutions to special finishing techniques – we ensure that your packaging leaves a lasting impression.

First-class transport packages

Transport packages that are right for the market and the brand are the very essence of a smooth distribution chain. Panther develops and produces multifunctional secondary packaging made from corrugated board, the packaging around the package. These protect your packaged goods from delivery to consumer. Individually custom-designed transport packaging also communicates your brand message.

Due to the rapid growth in online retail, there is an increasing need for individually customised transport packaging that conforms to the guidelines. Each product (e.g. bottles, food, high-quality technology) imposes specific demands on its packaging. The size, printed image, shape and function, for example, must be individually specified. DHL and UPS approval is also becoming increasingly important for shipping and protection packaging for bottles. Panther reliably implements these packaging requirements. We use high-quality materials to design your packaging to give your merchandise optimum safety and security. Pre-die-cut tear points or handgrip holes in the packages ensure that your packaging has more added value.

We will also gladly develop the matching hazardous goods packaging for your product, to ensure that your goods are transported to their destination in a way that is safe for people, animals and the environment. With the Panther Group as your partner, your products will be well-packaged for transport to their destination. You will reach your target group at the same time, thanks to the high-quality design of the packaging – regardless of where your product is at this moment.

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Shelf packages right for the retail

Good packaging brings your goods into the retail safely and securely. But packages from Panther can do very much more. We develop packages that are easy to recognise in a warehouse, and can be handled well. The shelf-ready packages are easy to open, make a good impression on the shelf and are easily disposed of.

We develop packages specifically for the different needs of manufacturers, logistics services providers, the retail and consumers. Smart disposable packages not only attract your customers’ attention, but also promote goods availability at the point of sale and thus the marketing of your products.

Advice and service: Your path to tailor-made packaging

Our dedicated team is available to provide you with expert advice on all questions relating to packaging processes. We provide you with comprehensive advice and develop tailor-made solutions together with you. You benefit from our many years of expertise and know-how in the packaging industry. Panther delivers throughout Europe and has production facilities near you to ensure fast and flexible processing.

Packaging stands for highest standards. Rely on the Panther Group as your partner for innovative and sustainable packaging solutions.