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Our Portfolio

The portfolio of the Panther Group comprises corrugated board, packaging, displays, print, and further extensive services. We will gladly give you detailed advice on all questions and processes relating to packaging. Together with you, we develop innovative solutions made from corrugated board and solid board. Using our modern printing processes, we design your customised packages and displays for optimum impact at the point of sale. Panther supplies customers in Germany and throughout Europe. There is also one of our plants near you.

Corrugated board has established itself as a key player in the packaging industry. Their combination of environmental friendliness, adaptability and protection makes them the optimal choice for companies in numerous industries. Panther uses the versatile properties of corrugated board to offer high-quality and sustainable solutions.


Corrugated board

We produce corrugated board, a natural product, and process it further. Corrugated board is a circular product, which means it is recyclable and can be reused after use. This makes it an extremely sustainable material. The most important raw material for corrugated board production is paper. Different requirements for the corrugated board packaging require different paper qualities, which are divided into kraftliner, testliner, and corrugated material.


Panther is your service partner for multifunctional sales and transport packaging. Changes in consumer behaviour, online retail and global competition demand innovative packaging. We will be happy to find the right packaging solution for your products. First-class packaging carries your brand message. Ensure that your packaged products attract maximum attention at the point of sale.


We develop creative display solutions by combining different materials such as corrugated board, wood and metal. Lighting effects and moving elements positively attract your customers. Use sales displays as the perfect showcase for your products.


Do you want all eyes to be on your products? We use modern printing methods to give your packaging and displays a brilliant appearance. For example, special surface finishes and coatings make your packaging and displays water-repellent or even fragrant. From flexo-postprint and flexo-preprint to litho laminating: Panther has state-of-the art printing plants at its disposal.


Good service is our top priority. Panther accompanies you from the initial idea to the final packaging and displays. Our experts research, develop, design, optimise and fabricate the corrugated board solution and deliver it to you. We advise you about your packaging processes and simplify the workflows. We will gladly store, fill and transport your packaging and displays.