Displays of the Panther Group

The presentation of products in displays is one of the strengths of the Panther Group. From the selection of raw materials to the individual processes in the trading companies to logistics, competent employees from all areas are available to advise you.

A display or further promotional elements are usually part of marketing or sales activities. Here it is important to do justice to the optimal product presentation, the requirements of the trade, the available techniques for easy handling at the PoS, the protective and load-bearing properties of the material and architecture as well as the advertising message.

Panther is at the customer's side right from the development with brainstorming, design approaches and functional solutions. The result will be an eye-catching, stable and individual display, a modular system for diversified assortments or a whole shop window decoration package.

We produce versatile, original and high quality displays for your products:

  • Standard display
  • Special displays
  • Shelving systems
  • (Self) display
  • Counter displays (with stair construction)
  • Ceiling hanger
  • Topper
  • Decoration elements
  • Tasting stands
  • Dispenser
  • Standing figures
  • Major placements
  • Pallet displays
  • Pedestal displays
  • System solution

Selected display solutions

  • Alle
  • Displays
  • Sales promotion
  • Counter displays
  • Decorations
  • Dispensers
  • Standee
  • Modular systems
  • Promotion

Standard displays

Universal and flexible. Panther’s standard displays represent presentation and sales systems made from corrugated board and designed in close proximity to the retail.

These standard displays are particularly useful in the following cases:

  • Place different products in one display
  • Equipping displays as secondary placement over a longer period of time with constantly changing articles
  • In-house development too time-consuming and costly
  • Put several displays together in a shop-in-shop system
  • Sell ​​seasonal products in the appropriate colors (e.g. spring green or Christmas red)

Almost all the usual commercially available goods can be presented in standard displays. From an action figure to a serviette. Customised adaptations in freely-designed print layouts are possible at the same time. Numerous colours are available ex-stock, together with gold and silver and various other metallic colours or a wood decor. From a corresponding number onwards, a customised colour shade can be chosen. On request, displays will consist of FSC®-certified paper. Depending on the model, assembly can be changed without any production-related cost (e.g. by positioning shelves and hooks at different heights and slopes).

These displays are “compatible” with almost all saleable goods – food or non-food, floor-standing, suspended, horizontal or stacked. All the displays have proved satisfactory through short setup times, ease of handling and great stability.

Advantages of our displays

Several Panther plants develop and produce displays. The wide variety of manufacturing facilities within the Panther Group enable us to implement your ideas with almost every construction material. Each of our display-producing plants concentrates on its strong points and on the production of specific display types. A constant exchange of data and information between the plants secures maximum possible synergy effects for our customers.

Corrugated board is the starting material and basis for our displays. We will happily finish these using additional materials freely chosen by you. Together with you, we plan innovative displays and packaging, and bring these safely on their way. During the development phase, we take individual account of all the relevant requirements of the respective products and processes.

The advertising displays with their conspicuous designs are suitable for presenting any type of products. Quite irrespective of where the product is to be presented in the retail: our individually-designed customised displays positively attract your customers.

Panther Display: Your specialist at the POS