Packaging, displays, ceiling danglers or other materials transport advertising messages

They are designed to catch attention, look attractive and communicate brand signals, thus allowing the brand to be identified quickly among the multiplicity of offers at the Point of Sale. Special features in the design and construction can be utilised to visualise such contents. Printing plays an important role here. Brilliant printing results ranging from simple motifs to an elaborate overall design are needed to achieve this, and they must be harmonised with the design and construction of the packaging. That’s why image reproductions that are first-class in terms of brilliance and colour fidelity are so fundamentally important.

Our printing processes

Panther prints using flexo-preprint, flexo-postprint, litho laminating or digital printing, depending on the requirement. Through the availability of the various printing techniques, we are in a position to advise you independently and objectively.

We use surface finishing techniques and special coatings to impart functional as well as visual properties to packaging and displays: non-slip, fragrant, water-repellent etc. If there are new requirements, we do everything possible to develop and implement the most appropriate solution.

We use our 8-colour+varnish flexo-preprint machine to print high-quality images and graphics. The large number of available colours once again considerably strengthens the effectiveness of the packaging design.

In this process, corrugated board is printed with up to 6 colours, which is ideal for the entire spectrum from a simple to a high-quality visual appearance.

Offset printing
Offset printing consistently allows very high-quality results for small and medium-sized print runs.

Digital printing
We use this process for the cost-efficient production of very small print runs, personalised products and one-off items.

Preprint production

At Panther Print in Wustermark, we have installed the world's first directly driven 8-color + varnish flexo preprint machine. The machine has a working width of 2.8 meters and a maximum printing speed of 600 m / min.

The system is equipped with a new, innovative smartGPS-controlled setup system. Our flexo preprint machine therefore works significantly faster and more productively. We produce medium and large editions in a quality comparable to that in offset printing.

High-quality printed packaging and displays

Panther constantly invests in flexo-preprint and flexo-postprint, and litho laminating machines. With the forward-looking flexo-preprint plant, we set new standards for printed packaging and displays. That’s how the Panther Group has a leading position for high-quality printed corrugated board solutions.

Packaging and displays convey messages about your brand. The wide variety of goods on offer at the point of sale demands packaging and display designs that enable consumers to recognise your brand quickly. The product’s “outfit” plays an absolutely essential role in their decision to purchase. That’s why first-class image reproduction with brilliance and colour fidelity is especially important.

Do you want brillante packaging and displays?

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