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Your entire display and packaging process is in good hands with us

The Panther Group accompanies you from the first idea to the final corrugated board solution. Personal advice is our top priority. Depending on the requirements of your products, we develop, produce and print your packaging or display solution individually. Panther takes care of logistics and co-packing for you, taking retail requirements into account, and advises you on your individual packaging processes. If required, we will take care of the entire packaging for you.

This means that our experts from the areas of development, production, printing, design and logistics support customers from a wide variety of industries from the first idea to the finished product and far beyond. We store, fill, label and ship your products in consideration of trade requirements. Or to put it another way: Panther makes your products fit for every application.

Panther Pharma Service

As a supplier of packaging and displays, the Panther Group has set up an extensive service portfolio in order to offer its customers extensive services for presenting and selling their products. This is how the Panther Pharma Service came about. This special service stands for efficient and secure all-round support (fulfillment service partner) for the pharmaceutical industry and its sales activities.


Whether packaging, displays or printing, the Panther-Team is at your side as a competent partner, from the selection of raw materials and the individual processes in the trading company to logistics and disposal, and ensures that the individual interfaces that are relevant to the individual processes are interlocking. It is important to reconcile and meet production, trade requirements, possible cost optimization, sustainability, properties of material and raw materials and many other aspects.

Existing process chains are taken into account and can be optimally integrated. If anything is unclear, timely intervention is another important step to achieve perfect solutions. Our customers benefit to the full from the know-how, many years of experience, maximum reliability and permanent market proximity, which the entire Panther Group can demonstrate.


Do you already have specific ideas?
Our designers and developers implement these and, if necessary, develop suggestions for possible optimizations.

Still have no idea?
Let us know your objectives and we will provide you with ideas for staging or presenting your products. Or you can choose an existing, tried-and-tested construction from our extensive pool that has proven itself in your area of ​​application. Your Panther product is always be individual!

Thanks to our modern development process, every project experiences enormous time savings, especially in the decision-making phase due to the most modern, software-supported working method for optimal decision-making bases (3D views and samples).

Finishing and converting

In order to protect against color abrasion, moisture or temperatures or to achieve certain technological or optical effects, we offer you a wide variety of surface finishes in the form of various paints and coatings. We offer you, for example, slip-resistant, fragrant, antistatic, high-gloss or matt lacquered, water-repellent, metallic-coated or implemented with gold-effect pigments.

In the case of special productions, however, manual work is not dispensed with; depending on the requirements and functionality, trained, “dexterous” employees are used. Our capacities meet all requirements - from individual items to large editions.


Select, delegate, control
You produce your product, we pack and place it. We ensure that the required quantities of all necessary components are always at the point of need and guarantee the quality of the goods and the qualifications of those involved.

Lots of movement - over short distances
We deliver the goods reliably and quickly to their destination. Our system logistics make effective use of synergies and manage complicated distributors, spontaneous deliveries and Europe-wide distances on short routes. This applies to unpackaged goods, individual components or packaged goods.

Outsourcing and much more
We analyze, optimize and implement process chains in your packaging industry. We support and take over complete productions. We pack at your location or in our packing centers and deliver packaging material, technology and know-how.

Filling, storage, delivery
No matter whether storage, order picking, product group management, co-manufacturing, test market distribution, collective / individual packaging or personalized individual shipping, Panther is by your side.


Everything is there - in the truest sense of the word. Once the display has been produced, Panther customers can choose from a wide range of services and fulfillment such as assembly, packaging, filling, development of transport packaging, warehousing and logistics. The assembled displays can be delivered lying flat with the enclosed assembly instructions for easy erection at your premises or at the point of sale - packed on pallets or by courier.

In particular, the Panther Pharma Service also provides packaging and picking of pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. For this purpose, a space of 2,500 m2 was created for the clean room, assembly and storage areas. We also make these services available to all other industries, including temperature-controlled storage capacities.


Panther has large storage areas at its disposal in strategically favourable locations throughout Germany. If you would like us to store your displays or other advertising materials safely, securely and in a way appropriate to the product (e.g. with temperature-controlled storage), that’s not a problem. We will integrate your articles into the goods management system in such a way that our storage capacities and logistics network are available to you for reliable delivery throughout Europe. We will coordinate production and demand in accordance with your wishes, Just-in-Time or on call. That’s how Panther fits into your supply chain needs in an optimum way. Your entire packaging management is in the best hands with Panther.

As a company that acts responsibly, we attach particular importance to reducing costs and conserving resources in a preventive and long-term manner. In order to reduce CO₂ emissions, we plan our transports as effectively as possible and work with our customers to develop display concepts for optimal truck utilization.

Is good services important to you?

Please contact us. We will be pleased to advise you.