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Impress your customers at the point of sale! Sales-promoting displays are an optimum showcase for your product in this respect. We produce creative displays for you under the umbrella brand Panther P.O.S. Solutions. We fabricate using state-of-the-art technologies and use supplementary materials such as wood or metal at the same time. The special attention-grabbing elements are supplied by motor-driven or mechanical displays with sound and light effects or other functions. Panther will produce small and large production runs for you in a cost-sensitive way. Completely irrespective of whether you want to present your products in a display window, as promotion goods or as a secondary placement in the retail: we will develop the optimum display solution.

Product Presentation with Point Of Sale Displays

The advantages you gain from Panther Displays

Several Panther plants develop and produce displays. The wide variety of manufacturing facilities within the Panther Group enable us to implement your ideas with almost every construction material. Each of our display-producing plants concentrates on its strong points and on the production of specific display types. A constant exchange of data and information between the plants secures maximum possible synergy effects for our customers.

Corrugated board is the starting material and basis for our displays. We will happily finish these using additional materials freely chosen by you. Together with you, we plan innovative displays and packaging, and bring these safely on their way. During the development phase, we take individual account of all the relevant requirements of the respective products and processes.

The advertising displays with their conspicuous designs are suitable for presenting any type of products. Quite irrespective of where the product is to be presented in the retail: our individually-designed customised displays positively attract your customers.

Counter displays for individual needs

Position your merchandise in your customers’ field of view. Attractive counter displays from Panther Packaging convey your brand message and persuade your end-customers. Your goods are perceived in an optimum way, and are only a small hand movement away from the purchaser. Displays positioned on the counter are ideal for small, handy items. New products that customers can test receive maximum attention in special displays.

By using counter displays, you can present specific products with small pack sizes in a space-saving, functional way. Staircase designs like Panther’s “Express Counter” allow consumers a good view of the products they contain.

Panther’s display portfolio

We produce versatile, original, high-quality displays for your products, while setting scarcely any limits on your imagination. Whether they are standard- or special displays, shelf systems, chutes, A-boards, counter displays, ceiling danglers and top-signs, decorative elements or freestanding figures – we can offer you the right display solution for every campaign.

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