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Shipping packaging: Convenience and theft protection in balance

The Panther Team found a clever design solution that makes theft significantly more difficult thanks to attached side flaps and additional protection against access for the shipping packaging. If the packaging has already been opened, recipients can easily recognize this and refuse to accept damaged packages. The shipping packaging can also be used several times, e.g. for returning an old mobile phone. The corrugated board packaging is then returned to the material cycle via waste paper recycling.

“Everphone is the all-round service for corporate mobile devices and handles everything that has to do with mobile devices in organizations: procurement, customization, staging, logistics and claims management. Our service reduces the complexity of mobile device procurement and management to an absolute minimum. Everphone has been offering the innovative 'Device as a Service' concept since 2016. Our portfolio includes devices from Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Google, Motorola, Microsoft and Fairphone. In addition to numerous start-ups and SMEs, Everphone customers also include global players such as Ernst & Young and TIER Mobility. Everphone was founded by former CHECK24 board member Jan Dzulko. We employ around 300 employees in Berlin, Munich and Miami," says the company, describing its business model.

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