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High-performance meat packaging from Panther for all distribution channels

The idea of online marketing, originally developed under the name Kaufnekuh, has been attracting a growing number of customers for several years now. Since 2014, various crowdbutching offers have been combined under the name Grutto. Panther has been the packaging supplier from the very beginning, Südwestkarton GmbH & Co. KG has developed packaging for the vacuum-packed, chilled distribution of meat products, which is equipped with a thermal bag made of hemp. Grotto customers can put together their individual products from chicken, pork, cow and seasonal products on the website, which are then dispatched in the packages picked accordingly. The packaging is printed in one color with the supplier's key messages.

Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG manufactures a corrugated board tray for the shelf presentation of the sausage products of EWG Eberswalder Wurst GmbH, which is characterized by an automatic base for the quick assembly of the trays, which are delivered folded flat. The construction provides for a fully overlapping floor, which achieves a particularly high level of stability. For optimal visibility of the sausages, the tray has a generously dimensioned window cutout on the front. A roll-up also ensures the desired stability.

Safe cooling packs for the last few miles

Both the catering trade and private end customers are placing more and more trust in the range of online mail order companies that specialize in high-quality meat products. Examples such as the companies Block House or INTERGAST prove this impressively. Both companies rely on packaging solutions from Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG, which combine the best functionality with resource conservation and recyclability.

Today, connoisseurs of steak and burger variations can choose from an extremely extensive range. On the one hand, this affects the origin of the premium products from national and international meat producers. On the other hand, the variety of flavors increases through the processing of a wide variety of cattle breeds. Panther provides sustainable corrugated board packaging for the safe distribution of the high-quality products.

The Block House company from Hamburg, which has specialized in high-quality steaks since 1968, has had great success in online trading with roast beef, filet or hip fillet or with American burger variations. The offer also includes a wide range of typical side dishes, such as spices, sauces or dressings. In response to the increased awareness of sustainability, including among friends of high-quality meat delights, Block House changed its online shipping packaging. The 100% recyclable corrugated board packaging with a brown outer cover is finished in three-color flexo direct printing in line with the brand. This is how the premium products get safely to consumers throughout Germany.

Supplying bulk consumers is the core business of INTERGAST. The "Master Chef Edition" combines various burgers made from high-quality beef. INTERGAST wanted a new packaging design for the premium burgers Patty's "Färsen Burger", "Simmentaler Burger" and "Angus Burger": The sales packaging has been given a conspicuously dark design that contrasts with the schematic representation of the burgers as a background. INTERGAST thus wants to show the extraordinary quality directly at the POS. The implementation in flexographic printing also takes place at the Altonaer Wellpappenfabrik.

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