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Shipping packaging proves successful plastic substitution - air and corrugated board cushion silencers

The Society for Packaging Market Research (GVM) has determined impressive figures that show that there is considerable savings potential for all plastics in almost all packaging-related areas. GVM specifies the data determined for Germany, Austria and Switzerland as 20 %, which corresponds to an amount of 825,000 tons of saved plastics annually. Although the possible substitution quantities differ in different product segments (non-food items 31 %, groceries approx. 14 %, mail order approx. 75 % or furniture / tools / office items / toys also approx. 75 %), in principle, very large ones can be used Replace the quantities of plastic packaging solutions used previously with fiber-based materials such as corrugated board. The theoretical considerations of the study commissioned by the Association of the Corrugated Board Industry e.V. from GVM included a wide range of packaging solutions that are common today. It turned out that the integration of corrugated board into packaging concepts is also very useful if only parts of the overall solution are replaced. Where the benefits of plastics should not be questioned without accepting disadvantages, there is still room for the intelligent combination of different materials that bundle their respective advantages and thus lead to a reduction in the amount of plastic required.

The packaging, which is easy and quick to erect, offers optimum protection for sensitive technical goods.

In practice, Panther Packaging shows once again that it pays to leave the usual path and to force new developments. As part of the Panther  pro nature campaign, a wide variety of packaging was made exclusively from corrugated board. Thanks to this program approach, there is now also a new transport packaging for silencers. Styrofoam molded parts were the preferred choice for upholstery materials, especially for high-quality, sensitive technical parts, which should provide protection and security within shipping packaging.

However, thanks to the intelligent combination of air and corrugated board as well as many years of construction know-how, Panther Packaging achieves exactly the same, desired result. The newly developed transport packaging (based on FEFCO 0201) consists of a natural material that is based on a renewable raw material that must be recycled: Corrugated board cushions replace the plastic molded parts and thus save 60% of the total costs of a packaging unit (compared to the previously used Execution).

The specific task that ATEC, as a manufacturer of innovative components for exhaust systems, placed on Safe Pack safety packaging in cooperation with Panther Packaging was to design a safe transport packaging that dispenses with Styrofoam and yet offers the necessary protection for silencers that have to be shipped individually. The result is a mono-material solution made of corrugated board, which offers the upholstery on the front sides through a clever arrangement of foldable wall elements and only has a buffering air space on the long sides. At the same time, the front side cushions have centrally positioned recesses in which the silencers are fixed.

Because the upholstery only has to be folded down and brought into the desired shape, the construction of the transport packaging is very easy and quick to handle.

With this innovation, Panther Packaging provides another recycling-friendly and sustainable packaging that also helps save plastics in the technical segment.