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Resource conservation - breaking new ground with grass fibers

Within the various supply chains, there is a common understanding of the need to consider the raw materials used and their consumption. Above all, reducing the use of non-renewable resources is an increasingly important concern of all actors. Therefore, in the production of packaging or packaging materials, the issues of resource conservation and the use of rapidly renewable and abundantly available raw materials are currently much discussed topics. The use of grass fibers as an admixture to recycled waste paper for the production of corrugated base paper is a good alternative.

Naturalness for natural products: Trays with an admixture of grass paper in the corrugated board are ideal for fruit, vegetables or other natural fruits.

If widely available grass fibers are added to the waste paper, a visually and technically convincing material is created. Tests have shown that it is ideally suited for the production of corrugated board. The surface of the paper has a special character and is reminiscent of a subtle shimmer of hay. These properties can be ideally incorporated into ecologically oriented print designs. The papers, which are partly made with grass fibers, are already available in different grammages, which are based on the technological requirements of testliner types. The Panther Group is following the experience it has currently gathered in these developments with great attention and is available to provide advice to interested customers