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Originality innovatively packaged - grass paper boxes for perfect enjoyment on the go

Originality innovatively packaged - grass paper boxes for perfect enjoyment on the go Bio-Zentrale Naturprodukte GmbH, based in Bavaria, was founded in 1976 and is now one of the leading organic food companies in Germany. The organic full-range retailer offers around 200 products under the brands biozentrale - Kraft der Natur and BioKids. The Bio-Zentrale stands for ecological agriculture, which interferes with nature as little as possible and brings together the best of nature in a meaningful way. Consumers can obtain the range in around 5,800 branches of various food retailers as well as via an online shop and at amazon.

The innovations of the biozentrale brand include lunch dishes for on the go, called Lunch'n Go, and various muesli variants under the name Muesli'n Go. Bio-Zentrale developed new packaging solutions together with Südwestkarton from Illingen (Panther Group) for these two product range expansions.

This was based on a strict catalog of specifications from the customer, as the Bio-Zentrale places very high ecological requirements on the manufacture of its own products as well as on the packaging. Recyclability is a central premise for those responsible at the company, which has been gradually implementing a new packaging concept for all 200 products since 2018. "More than 80% of our product packaging is now very easy to recycle and can bear the" Made for Recycling "seal," advertises the organic headquarters on its own website. The company's aim is to find the currently ideal packaging for each product that ensures product safety and quality as well as the highest possible level of recyclability.

Flagship products for an innovative packaging concept

The new ready meals Muesli'n Go and Lunch'n Go are aimed at consumers who want an enjoyable and environmentally conscious break away from home. Natural-tasting recipes and varied flavors form the basis of the products, which can also be conveniently, simply and easily prepared and consumed. The development task for Panther for on-the-go catering took into account both optical and technical details in addition to the decision for corrugated board made using grass paper: the individual packaging also fulfills the function of portion packaging and serves as a container for uncomplicated consumption. The pre-glued packaging has a slightly conical shape. A lid inserted inwards is fixed with a printed label. Die-cut marks in the lid indicate the correct position for the label and at the same time ensure that it is held in place. After opening it can be easily removed. For the necessary stability of the outer packaging until the meal is finished, the base is secured with additional flaps. In terms of the choice of material and the combination of its properties, the packaging solution is an important ambassador for the environmental awareness of Bio-Zentrale.

Both the lunch and the muesli variations are filled in plastic bags, which are then packed in the corrugated board boxes. For both variants, the outer packaging is provided with punched-out slits on the side so that the product view and the fill level indicator are guaranteed at all times. The midday meals filled with hot water offer a tasty, healthy lunch after a few minutes that can be consumed at any desired location. The insulating effect of the outer packaging ensures, that the hot meal can practically be enjoyed out of the box. At the end of the packaging life, all materials used can be recycled through the material cycle.