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WoodBox - nature by Panther: wood look tailor-made for natural charm

Decorative PoS elements with the look of natural materials are a style-forming trend. Packaging, displays or sales promotion elements made of "wood" are particularly in demand. Wooden crates give customers the feeling of strolling through a weekly market with regional products, where farmers still offer their goods in person. Wooden crates evoke the association of individual and natural products, far from mass production. Wooden crates used to be everyday companions for transporting or displaying goods on farms or farmers' markets, at vintners' and in stationary trade. For the diverse and demanding requirements of today's food trade, corrugated packaging, such as the Panther Group's new development with WoodBox nature by Panther, combines the best of the different eras. Thanks to the latest printing technology, the decorative box is visually almost indistinguishable from a wooden one, but has significant additional benefits. It is lightweight, optimally stackable, very stable, recyclable and can also be integrated into a display presentation.

The WoodBox, for which Panther has applied for protection of utility and design patents, consists of only one blank, does not require gluing and can be manufactured with or without bottom slots - a traditional wooden box can thus be reproduced down to the last detail according to the customer's wishes. Both boxes and displays are designed as module-compatible standard solutions.

From a single mold: packaging and display

The presentation of wines, flower bulbs, garden products, to name just a few examples, the boxes give a very natural charm. Also products in the hardware store transform the sturdy boxes into an eye-catcher with ecological claim. With a modular footprint of 40 x 30 cm, they offer plenty of space for goods. At the customer's request, Panther can manufacture the WoodBox in individual, customer-specific dimensions, and the same applies to the print design if additional brand or company messages are to be integrated.

Once emptied, the boxes with handles can also be used in the long term as transport or storage boxes for, for example, toys, bottles or as a collection box for recycling; the design fits in perfectly with, for example, vintage furniture, which is very popular today.

For safe stacking of the boxes, the design features extended stacking corners. Stacking openings in the corners of the base ensure that separate lugs are not required.

The optionally attached floor slots are ideal for the presentation of fresh produce, which is thus better ventilated. However, if optimum stability is the customer's top priority, the base is designed without slots. The use of the WoodBox in a display unit at the PoS, also in wood decor, has already been taken into account in the design. Built on a base, the boxes loaded with merchandise are placed in inclined planes, and the attractive standard display is ready. The pedestal offers space for two standard boxes with a sloping rear front. The print design picks up on the wooden motif and thus completes the natural-looking appearance.

And still according to the customer's wishes, Panther completes the secondary placement solution with an individualized topper.

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