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Wintertime makes you crave crunchy treats - Nibbling fun, even in the cold season

The towering figure is dressed in a top hat and warming scarf. In his arms he holds a funny-fresh bag. Positioned centrally in a hexagonal chute, the friendly snowman is composed of precisely punched corrugated board elements. This 3D figure thus complements the duo of brand ambassadors Bastian Schweinsteiger and Lukas Podolski. The likeness of these soccer idols is prominently printed on the chute. The display offers plenty of space for the popular potato chips variations and other snack products from funny-frisch, which also find many friends during the cold season.

Despite the large-sized secondary placement, it fits in the normal car trunk, because all elements are housed in a package with a grip hole. The assembly on site in the store succeeds with a few simple steps.

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