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Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik makes a heart's desire come true with an advent calendar

Planning and brainstorming among the partners started at the beginning of 2021. Important cornerstones were defined. An attractive and very detailed design with a 3D effect was desired, as well as high-quality materials for the secure mailing of the architecturally elaborate calendars.

After the details of the print image had been worked out, the print data reached Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik in the summer, and the printed advent calendars could then be delivered and assembled in early autumn. Delivery via the online shop finally took place in November 2021.

A variety of exciting surprises awaited the children behind the 24 doors of the calendar: in addition to various high-quality skin care products, there were also nibbles and biscuits and modeling clay for handicrafts.

An additional aspect of the joint project was the charity character. A matter of the heart, as the companies themselves emphasize: In cooperation with an official donation partner, they used the common reach of the three brands and not only generated a gratifying sum, but also successfully drew attention to the important support of an association.

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