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Universal fixation - Shipping packaging with effective stripes

Small goods such as jewelry, accessories, watches, perfumes and a wide variety of technical items are typical products that are ordered online. Depending on the sensitivity of the goods being shipped to pressure loads or damage from mechanical influences, the packaging must ensure that the contents are optimally fixed. At the same time, the market is demanding a reduction in the amount of void space in the packaging so that not too much air has to be transported. This is where the new development from Panther comes in. A part of the corrugated board blank is divided into punched strips and placed over the product in the shipping carton. This means that the usual membrane packaging that uses welded or glued plastic films to hold the contents of the pack in place can be substituted. Panther's mono-material solution achieves the securing of goods that are particularly light in weight or dimensions without additional effort and allows the corrugated board to be fully reintegrated into the waste paper cycle because it is 100% recyclable.

The corrugated board strips are flexible enough to cover differences in the height of the contents. It cannot slip and is securely protected on the way to the recipient. The stripes create an optically interesting effect, which can be enhanced by additional printing on the visible side.

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