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The service specialist for everything to do with packaging: 20 years of PaKa Packaging-Service GmbH

When PaKa Packaging-Service was founded, the Panther Group contributed its entire know-how in packaging production, finishing and handling. In a trusting cooperation with customers from all conceivable branches of industry, both founding partners of PaKa, Panther Packaging and the company Kaminski, brought in a high degree of specialist knowledge about individual and cross-sector necessities about how optimal packaging for successful products is developed, manufactured and used. The much-cited facets of supply chain management are part of everyday practice: what PaKa has to offer is the answer to dealing responsibly with the means of production, the workforce and also income.

This also applies to services related to displays and PoS solutions: The external packaging of secondary placements, counter displays, decorative packages (including flyers, catalogs or other extras) as well as product packages, folding boxes, mixed or assortment boxes and displays are service offers that thanks to attentive Quality control and order-related sorting and repackaging can mean decisive time advantages for the customer when it comes to market launch. In addition to saving time, the service­package from Panther also opens up potential for savings of an ecological nature: If secondary placement elements are individually assembled by the display manufacturer, there is no need for material transport or truck trips for empty PoS elements. This has a positive and lasting effect on the CO2 balance.

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