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The Panther display invites you to immerse yourself in the magical underwater world

The motif of the sea turtle in its natural environment is the central theme of this year's promotional display. The print design of the towering secondary placement, which can be populated on both sides, shows various fish, corals, starfish and healthy marine flora. With this, Staedtler draws attention to the need to protect the oceans and the required sustainability of products and materials. At the same time, the design particularly appeals to the younger target group and awakens their imagination and the joy of painting, drawing and handicrafts.

The ½ pallet display is almost 1.80 m high and thus achieves a very good long-distance effect. Staedtler's requirement was to retain the existing basic structure of the secondary placement used in recent years. Together, the partners developed additional components to add the appropriate elements to the underwater world.

The diversified trays accommodate a wide variety of Staedtler products, both hanging goods and the presentation of standing utensils are possible. A "treasure chest" attached to the side can hold additional items. In principle, the PoS element can be variably restocked over and over again. Both the front edges of the tray and an additional topper signal the manufacturer's brand message.

The separately manufactured rosette, which represents the typical turtle shell, is supplemented by the detailed punched-out head and four legs. The three-dimensional reptiles are created on both sides of the display. They are finally glued and fanned out directly at the PoS, both in food retail and in specialist markets throughout Europe.

With the new display, Staedtler continues the basic idea of ​​the 3D elements made of honeycomb rosettes. Previously, award-winning displays featuring a tree and a hot air balloon or rocket motif had been used in the Back-to-School campaigns. Together with those responsible at Staedtler, the experts from Panther Display have now developed the magical underwater world as another variant of the natural motifs.

The secondary placement made of corrugated board with a recycled fiber content of 75% can be fully recycled as a one-material solution via the waste paper recycling cycle.

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