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Take off and take off - Departure into the realm of fantasy

Constanze Weber, Trade Marketing Manager, explains for Staedtler: "This year we are again offering a very special display for the back-to-school season and can really claim to be following in the big footsteps of the dragon display from 2019 to have kicked. Together with our partner Panther we have managed to create an extraordinary display construction from our idea of ​​bringing our space story to the PoS to bring, to create. Now there is a whole galaxy that draws attention from afar, and directly in front of it the rocket towers over the children's heads - the best conditions for presenting products for parents and children in this exciting subject area."

Many loving details in the print design and the 3D elements add up to the effective eye-catcher: It starts with a blazing fire that bursts out of the engines and continues with projections that form the shape of the rocket and culminates in a topper, which impressively illustrates the orbit with planetary rings. Finally, high above the overall element, the typical cuboid with the Staedtler logo marks the identity of the brand.

Rocket for brilliant ideas

The structure of the secondary placement allows a four-sided assembly with the Staedtler products. There is space for both hanging and stand-alone goods. Individual tray slots and a perforated wall allow variable filling of the rocket or the integrated trays.

With just a few simple steps, a highly attractive action presentation is created in two senses, which arouses the desire to artistically realize one's own space fantasies.

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