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Sustainable decision by RRK Wellpappenfabrik: New caliber for folding boxes and oth-er packaging solutions

After the extensive calculations, it quickly became clear that a possible implementation of the proposal had to be realized in the short term in order to achieve the customer's goals in a timely manner. The support of the RRK Wellpappenfabrik consisted in the decision to invest in a D-flute corrugating roller set for the Bottrop location for the first time. After coordination with the machine supplier, the installation was scheduled and implemented for January 2023 - just two months after the first consultation with the customer.

Immediately afterwards, RRK Wellpappenfabrik started producing the D-flute on the corrugated board plant. This included formats for die-cuts, folding boxes and tableware. In practice, it quickly became apparent that the changeover went very smoothly, but the machine employees nevertheless gained important experience with some fine adjustments, which were immediately taken into account. When processing the first orders on the various machines, a sense of achievement was also quickly recorded, and the optimal processes and settings have been continuously learned and adapted in practice ever since. The decision to now meet customer requirements with folding crates made of D-flute has proven to be the right one.

Since the first days of production this year, the team at RRK Wellpappenfabrik has been gaining more experience and has been examining how other customers and projects can benefit from the advantages of the D-flute. The knowledge that, for example, the printability is better with D-flute due to different technical values and the stacking strength (BCT) differs from that of B-flute are incorporated into the examination of a possible substitution in each individual case.

The production results so far and the positive feedback from customers make those responsible at Panther very confident. The D-flute profile, which is new for the Group, can make a decisive contribution to being able to provide even better support to numerous other customers in the realization of sustainability, process and cost optimisations.

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