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Strengthening of the Panther Pharma Service crowned with success

Displays, hand-held sales displays, sales promotions and secondary packaging for medicines, adding or exchanging leaflets, labeling and equipping medical samples and creating OnPacks including the disposition of the required advertising material - Panther Pharma Service offers all services from a single source. All offers are open to manufacturers of prescription drugs, OTC products, medical and cosmetic products and dietary supplements. Based on the manufacturing license and the highest official form of certification in the pharmaceutical sector according to GMP § 13 AMG (Arzneimittelgesetz), Panther Display covers the service areas of packaging, quality testing, storage and delivery through to individual shipment to pharmacies, procurement of advertising materials, display development and production and live reporting (digital 24/7).

In the appropriately equipped premises with temperature control and GMP-compliant Standard Operations Procedure Quality Management System, all the requirements of the health authorities with regard to product quality are met.

The range of services offered by Panther Pharma Service aims to save customers' resources and give them cost advantages - while at the same time offering the highest quality, safety and reliability.

One of many successful projects implemented at Panther Pharma Service shows the cooperation with Sebapharma GmbH & Co. KG, Boppard, the manufacturer of the well-known sebamed® branded products for body cleaning and body care. Panther Pharma Service produced two different displays for the customer to present various products from the brand world.

Displays for the care brand sebamed®

Based on a ¼ pallet, a base display with three tray levels and a topper was created, which allows access to the products from three sides. The closed rear wall and vertical support walls, which protrude from the base level to beyond the top tray, give the secondary placement great stability and load-bearing capacity as well as a secure hold for the products, which vary in size, geometry and individual packaging.

The white design of the trays, the supporting walls and the rear wall forms an advantageous contrast to the sales packaging, which is visually in the foreground and is easily distinguishable. For further orientation for consumers, appropriately printed intermediate topper on the front edges of the trays refer to the different ranges for skin care, cleaning or care deodorants.

Both a base and a topper are used for the sebamed® brand messages: Here, too, a white background determines the design and gives the display a purity that visualizes the brand's claim. The core statements and promises to consumers are particularly striking: the clinically tested quality with a pH value of 5.5 and the care and cleaning performance of the products.

The displays, made from 100% corrugated board, are delivered to the customer including cushioning material and inserts for erected shipping.

The second display produced by the Panther Pharma Service team for sebamed® is used to promote the manufacturer's medical skin care products. The secondary placement, also made entirely of corrugated board, consists of only two parts and is self-erecting. The coloring of the PoS element is also characterized by a lot of white, on which the few, targeted brand messages from sebamed® come into their own. The construction of the display is also striking: three trays are embedded in large openings between the front and rear walls. These protrude slightly at the front and back, so the products can be removed from both sides. Inwardly offset side panels give the display high stability and stability.

Shorten: Automation creates more productivity

The new machines installed in 2022 make a significant contribution to the success of Panther Pharma Service. A combination machine consisting of a cartoner as well as a form, fill and seal machine, a banding machine and a sleeve/shrink tunnel as well as a high-performance folding system with dual cam complete the machine park with important performers for the complex production steps. Panther Pharma Service can therefore also fulfill orders with larger volumes in a short time. For customers, this means, among other things, a faster market launch of their products.

The multifunction machine with cartoner, form, fill and seal unit processes folding boxes; the erected boxes are filled with the products provided by the customers. These are, for example, blister packs, sachets or other typical packaging materials for pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetic products, etc. The machine increases the capacities of Panther Pharma Service considerably so that significantly more orders can be filled in a short time. The folding boxes are completed and sealed with package inserts and instructions for use, formatted by a folding unit.

With the help of the high-performance folding system, which has creasing, perforating and cutting devices, package inserts can be processed in a wide range of formats. It is equipped with a camera system that already reads codes during folding, thus preventing possible mix-ups and sorting out wrong inserts. Thin printing paper, plan sheets and pre-folded material are processed.

Newly installed, mobile stretch banding machines ensure that a defined number of individual packs are bundled and packed into appropriate multipacks. Panther Pharma Service can therefore fulfill all customer requirements: from packaging and order picking, co-packing, labeling to logistics solutions.


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