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Storage compartment base: decorative elements in the luggage

Toppers, boxes for information material or a variety of decorative stamped parts that complete the appearance of the PoS presentation can be found in the base and are sent in one unit with the display. The compact shipping unit makes life easier for field workers. In addition, additional packaging material and transport are saved, which has a positive effect on the ecological balance.

A flap is opened on the narrow side of the base, the decorative elements can be removed and easily attached or attached to the designated areas of the display. The flap is then closed again, so that two pallet displays can be placed twice, for example united by an archway.

The new storage compartment base "Clever on stage" offers the opportunity to spontaneously create the best possible design of the PoS presentation in the store. Any decorative elements that are not used remain hidden in the base. The construction allows modular extensions at any time - for example by combining it with the new 1-piece base, another innovative base development from Panther, with which the group of companies is demonstrating its expertise in functional and clever detailed solutions for successful PoS elements.

The secondary placement, made entirely of corrugated cardboard, will be recycled via the waste paper cycle after the end of the promotional campaign.

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