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Small area display: all-rounder for successful seasonal business

Various seasonal campaigns contributed to this, which, with the help of secondary placements made of high-quality corrugated board from Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG, again significantly increased the level of awareness of the vegan chocolate products. Just like the special placements at Easter, small-area displays were also used during the Advent season, which prominently featured the sustainable chocolate penguins “Snowy”. For this season, Panther Display has resorted to the proven basic construction of the second placement at Easter, which was a complete success for the nu company. The color and print design of the display as part of the brand relaunch was new at the end of last year.

For the nucao products, the manufacturer was once again looking for a space-saving display variant that would make a big impression both in the checkout area and in other small areas. The selected secondary placement consists of a cover, four tray levels, supports and inserts as well as the topper with a sharply defined contour – the penguin Snowy.

The front view shows the entire winter range at a glance, the trays protrude a few centimetres to the front, so that there is a high level of recognition even when the display is viewed from the side.

With the dimensions of 295 x 290 x 1675 mm, the upright presentation display is perfect for small areas where a big impact can still be achieved. Panther Display has implemented the new print image with a 4/0 color print plus dispersion varnish across the entire surface of all trays, supports and inserts.

For the partners, the fact that many existing tools could be used for the production of the winter display was advantageous for the implementation of the winter display, which had a positive effect on the production time.

Panther Display manufactured the corrugated board mini-display from FSC-certified materials. Kraft board laminated on one side on EE-flute is used for the sleeve, while the topper, the support, the trays and the inserts are laminated on one side on E-flute used kraft board.

After the end of the winter season, it is advisable to return the display to the waste paper cycle for complete recycling.

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