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Shelving systems for start-up success - Individualized standard displays set the stage for new ideas

Once production logistics and marketing have been set up, the task is to implement distribution and the best possible PoS presentation. Innovative products should become known as quickly as possible and reach consumers. In many cases, however, only limited advertising budgets are available for this. Many examples show that start-up entrepreneurs pay particular attention to health, well-being and, above all, sustainability and resource conservation. This also affects their ideas of the ideal packaging and presentation solutions. The recyclability of materials, as a recent IHF (Institute for Retail Research) study has also shown, is of particular importance: "When asked which properties of packaging will become more important in the future, nine out of ten respondents in each case expect recyclability, the avoidance of plastic waste, and the increased use of environmentally friendly materials to become more relevant".

Creative thrust for innovation, corrugated board for image

The sale of innovative products via analog retail partners is ideally accompanied by a surprising, attention-grabbing PoS presentation that generates a desire to buy. As a strong partner for packaging and displays, the Panther Group stands by well-known brand manufacturers as well as start-ups, helping to develop and accompany new ideas. Parallel to individual and unique PoS concepts, Panther has also built up an extensive program of a wide variety of standard displays. These presentation and sales systems made of corrugated board, which are designed to be close to the retail trade, have significant advantages for customers who initially require small runs at low cost when launching a new product. In-house developments are initially too time-consuming and cost-intensive. Instead, the secondary placements should be available quickly and also be versatile in terms of equipment and use. One example of standardized secondary placements is the shelving system (RS) for ¼- or ½-pallets from Panther. For the very successful and frequently used RS, Panther has tools that allow short-notice production of smaller or larger runs in various configurations.

Sustainable in standard size

One RS consists of a jacket (with perforated back panel on request), pallet trays with chep lock and a transport protection inverted. Depending on the product dimensions, this racking system can be equipped with the number of shelves the customer requires. Pallet tray insert and sleeve are other options. Building on these standard parts, flexibly designed toppers or panels transform the shelving system into an individualized secondary placement with high attention value. Panther finishes the displays in flexo preprint including varnish and the toppers in offset or digital print, thus implementing the customer's ideas in a high-quality and reliable manner. For example, 3D effects for top signs can be implemented with optimum long-distance effect and great appeal.

Another RS version with a central bar with perforation allows product loading on both sides for larger quantities or a product range with many variants. Thanks to the wide range of additional items within the standard program, Panther shelving systems are highly individual and can be used for a wide variety of products.

The Panther Group consistently responds to the growing awareness of many companies for sustainability and economical use of resources by processing corrugated board into high-performance packaging and displays, 100% of which can be fed into the recycling loop. As a further option, Panther processes grass paper into sustainable packaging and displays.

Corrugated board, made from recovered paper with a grass paper content, provides resource-saving material solutions for users in a wide range of industries. They are ideal for sustainably ecologically oriented companies and for packaging fair-trade products or biologically positioned brands. The Panther Group is constantly developing new, innovative alternatives based on the new types of corrugated base paper. The available base papers allow users to choose from various surface characteristics.

The PoS elements made of corrugated board are manufactured from renewable raw materials and are fully recyclable after use; via the waste paper cycle, the material returns to the corrugated board industry as a raw material for corrugated board base paper production.

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