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Serious can also appear realistic - Baby and child care the Lino way

Made from corrugated board, the ¼ pallet floor display mimics the look and functions of a changing table or changing table used in many homes with babies or young children. The PoS element thus forms a very familiar and trustworthy sight for mothers or fathers who lovingly care for their little ones. The construction of the secondary placement and the typographical design in four-color printing create an immediately recognizable association with the Little Lino product line. The various care products are presented at hand height on two tray levels. The Lino brand symbol is playfully varied with shower utensils, dabs of cream or a diaper. The figures with sharp contours protrude laterally or are integrated into the display as a topper and thus attract attention to the product range.

As a further service for consumers, a holder on the outside provides space for additional product information and care tips. Panther delivers the easy-to-assemble display to co-packers already erected. There, the secondary placements are fully stocked and are then immediately ready for sale. The base of the promotion unit is protected against moisture and is therefore intended for longer use and multiple refilling. After the end of the promotion, the entire PoS unit can be recycled via the material cycle of the waste paper and sent for material recycling.

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