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Safety for cyclists - bicycle design: a new definition of authentic helmet presentation

With a height of almost 1.60 meters, the display comes close to the original dimensions of typical bicycles. The molds for the saddle, handlebars, wheels and pedals have been worked out from the corrugated board body with great attention to detail. Metal hooks are integrated at different, graded positions, which allow helmets to be fitted on both sides. Depending on the size of the bicycle helmets (for adults or children), there is space for two to three on each hook. After the sale, new goods can be stocked at any time.

It owes the secure, stable stand of the PoS element to the base, which, with dimensions of 60x40x40 cm, also offers ample space for brand claims or individual printing. This secondary placement fits perfectly into the sales environment in retail, the bicycle contour in connection with the printed image draws attention to the product range from several perspectives.

The basic idea of ​​the bicycle display can also be applied to other accessories: Hanging goods such as bells, locks, repair kits or air pumps, lighting or textiles such as gloves in blisters, to name just a few examples, find the right setting in this attractive, authentically themed secondary placement .

The display elements are delivered flat in the size of the Euro pallet. The few parts allow a simple, quick assembly in the trade. Environmentally friendly disposal is ensured - after use, the secondary placement is fed into the recycling cycle of the waste paper.

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