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Safety and precise guidance for farmers - silage film packaging

The packaging protects the films from the effects of UV or sunlight and heat. As the manufacturer Manuli Stretch emphasizes in its storage conditions and application instructions, the film rolls should be stored in the original packaging until use - because this enables the optimal protection of the rolls.

Depending on the length and width of the films, the rolls weigh between 5 and 10 kg. To prevent damage during transport and storage, the core of the rolls is fixed in the packaging. Secured in this way, the high-quality silage films remain in perfect condition until they are used.

Instructions for correct storage as well as precise instructions for use are provided to users both via a dozen pictograms on the outside of the corrugated board packaging and via multilingual instructions for use on the inside.

An opening aid is incorporated into the lid of the packaging for easy removal of the film without the need for tools. A tear strip is used for easy removal of the lid. This can then be used as a display panel, as pictograms are printed on the inside to provide information on the proper handling of the film. The packaging itself can then already be recycled.

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