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Safe travel for tender herbs - Good climate for fresh ingredients

Six pots each fit into one package. This has dimensions suitable for pallets and good stackability. The shipping packaging is equipped with a clever corrugated board insert that provides the desired protective properties for the tender plants, thus securing them from damage.

The blank has six punched holes into which the pots are inserted and securely fixed. The diameter and geometric arrangement of these punched holes can be customized. The insert, which is easy and quick to erect manually, also features wide side flaps that fold upwards: This keeps it stably in shape in the transport packaging.

The pots are firmly positioned until removal, and the herbs remain protected from pressure loads even on long transport routes, with different means of transport.

Since the delicate plants are transported in a moist soil, the experts of JuicefulThings have used kraft liner papers for the transport packaging. They withstand these climatic conditions very well, which has been shown by extensive tests. Thus well  secured, the herbs reach the consumers in harvest-fresh condition.

Of course, Panther prints the transport packaging with any motif upon the customer's request; printing on the inside is also possible, for example, to convey consumer or product information, perhaps recipes or the like.

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