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Rustling in the treetops - display makes natural resources tangible

The Panther Display experts were asked to translate the topic defined by Staedtler into an effective PoS element. The result is equally convincing through the visualization of the aspect of nature as through the attractive presentation of the successful brand. This resulted in a display with the basic dimensions of ½ pallet, which presents goods on Euro hooks as well as upright products in hanging trays and a floor tray. It is based on a corrugated board pallet with a panel and offers plenty of space for product presentation on up to six levels on the front and back as well as on a narrow side. A simple refilling with the branded products is possible at any time.

Constanze Weber, Trade Marketing Manager at Staedtler, is already looking forward to the campaign: "We are very pleased that we will continue our successful cooperation with Panther Packaging in 2021. Once again, an attention-grabbing display has been created that is completely in line with the times for the theme of nature. The special treetop will attract attention from afar, if only because this material stands out strongly from the surroundings. If you are very close, the many detailed illustrations invite the viewer to discover nature and one or the other favorite pen. We can hardly wait to bring a bit of nature to the PoS and maybe indirectly encourage one or the other explorer to deal with this important topic.”

An imaginatively designed tree grows upwards on the left-hand side of the display wall: Its canopy is partly made of a green honeycomb rosette: In order to achieve the 3D effect, the rosette glued to the contour of the printed tree crown on one side is fanned out on site and fastened. This gives the tree a natural, all-round visible crown and the display has a particularly high long-distance effect. The fine paper of the rosette produces a slight rustle when there is a draft, similar to the leaves in nature swaying in the wind.

With reference to the drawing and coloring pencils, the display is given a print design in which hand-hatched drawings of natural motifs - earth, grass, flowers, animals, etc. - are combined with one another. The well-known Staedtler brand logo is placed on the central display body so that it can be seen from afar.

As an important link in Staedtler's supply chain, Panther Display is also responsible for packaging the secondary placements. In close coordination with the customer, the required quantities are set up and made available on demand.

At the end of the campaign, the display made of corrugated board goes back into the material cycle and is put to a new use via waste paper recycling.

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