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RRK Wellpappenfabrik completes peripherals around the new rotary die-cutter

The rotary die-cutting line impresses with its working width of 2,800 mm, high production speed, fully automated peripherals and a large number of additional devices that determine quality. With the addition of a warehouse for rotary tools and storage space for 2,800 mm wide cliches as well as the construction of a new internal mezzanine floor and the thus significantly expanded storage capacity, the RRK Wellpappenfabrik has now completely designed all work areas for the increased productivity of this system.

The additional storage building erected in 2021 was designed as a storage location for clichés and punching tools as part of the overall planning of the rotary die-cutter. During construction, it turned out that the newly created space for rotary tools is the most suitable. For this purpose, tool shelves and a stacker crane were installed for storing and retrieving the tools. The new tool shelves offer space and capacity for around 300 rotary tools. The storage and retrieval device for storage and retrieval, which is identical to an existing storage location for rotary punching tools, works perfectly and makes it easier for employees to handle the tools.

Additional storage space was created by building a new, additional mezzanine floor. This was dimensioned in such a way that the floor space there can be equipped with cliche shelves as well as optionally with additional tool shelves. A bridge connects the new, recently completed intermediate stage with the existing intermediate floor.

The new area increases the storage capacity of cliches by well over 1,000 to around 6,000. The areas in the main warehouse that have become free as a result will be occupied by tool shelves in the future; this is planned for the coming year. The additional storage capacity will make room for several hundred more tools for the existing flatbed dies, inline machines and rotary die-cutters.

The construction projects that have now been completed equip the RRK Wellpappenfabrik, together with the existing, state-of-the-art machine park, for the future. These will contribute to the optimal logistical implementation of the growing order volume and to meeting the customers' requirements for on-time order processing with maximum productivity.

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