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Römertopf® relies on the expertise of Print-Pack - Hit the right note

The Brick Barbecue Pot is available in a natural color and in a Black Edition; both look elegant and chic and are suitable for baking, grilling and cooking in the oven, on the stove and in the microwave. The clay brick releases moisture and ensures that a wide variety of dishes do not dry out and remain juicy, even without adding fat. The material withstands temperatures of over 900°C, has perfect heat distribution and retains heat for a long time. The Brick combines these valuable material properties with a modern shape and is therefore recommended for the young target group, which consumes in a health-conscious and at the same time diverse and experimental way. The brick poses a challenge for the packaging. The shock-sensitive sound requires a packaging solution that protects against mechanical stress during transport, distribution and presentation. Römertopf® found a partner in the experts from Print-Pack who created packaging based on corrugated cardboard that was both technically clever and visually appealing.

The two-part clay bricks, which weigh between 2.4 and 2.5 kg, need a firm hold to be able to go through the logistics processes safely. Print-Pack fulfills this with an integrated, one-piece corrugated board web, which separates the two parts from each other and absorbs the forces acting on the packaging like a shock absorber. This prevents damage to the parts. The transport and sales packaging thus provides the required product protection. At the same time, it offers plenty of space for print design on all sides. Römertopf® combines appealing image communication with multilingual product information. Refined by Print-Pack using the offset process, the packaging is a clearly recognizable brand ambassador. With this development, Print-Pack has contributed to the very successful market launch of the Brick continuing the tradition of the popular cookware.

TONi can do even more

Another cooperation between the partners Römertopf® and Print-Pack developed for the innovation "the hot-cold TONi". This clay disc with a diameter of approx. 19 cm serves as a coaster, roll warmer, heat dispenser and cooler - as required. It is heated on the bun attachment of the toaster, in the oven or in the microwave. The disc serves to keep rolls or toast etc. warm, crispy and delicious in the bread basket for a long time. The clay disc can also be used as a coaster to keep a dish warm in the Roman pot for longer. The "hot-cold TONi" achieves its cooling effect when it is chilled in the freezer or in the freezer. After about an hour, it can be used as a coaster, e.g. in the garden or on the terrace, and keep the temperature of drinks and salad dressings low and refreshing. A prerequisite for these beneficial properties is damage-free transport and packaging designed for this. Here, too, Print-Pack's experience was in demand. Römertopf® wanted a development that represented the shipping unit and product presentation in one unit. Both the high protective properties and a haptic experience of the natural material clay should be given. To fulfill the task, Print-Pack developed a carded packaging made of corrugated cardboard, which has a circular punched-out area on the top. Consumers can touch the "hot-cold TONi" directly without opening the pack and thus literally get a feel for the innovative product.

At the same time as the product packaging, a counter display for the clever disc was also created. A tray with an overlong automatic bottom and integrated top sign forms the body of the display. By sliding the flat display open, the base on the back wall rises up and forms a bevel between the two sides. The slanting presentation of the clay discs allows a clear view of a total of eight individual packages. The shelf-ready display serves as a transport and presentation unit. Perforations for finger holes allow the front and side panels to be detached.

The outer surfaces of the secondary placement, printed uniformly in a warm shade of red using the offset process, form the font for the brand-typical lettering Römertopf® - Das Original.

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