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Puzzle fun without end - mobile for attractive window dressing

The mobile in particular has established itself as a P.O.P. solution. It offers the possibility to combine both the core brand Ravensburger and twelve different original puzzle motifs and to present them in a long-term eye-catching way. On the one hand, the mobile can be integrated into business premises in a space-saving manner; on the other hand, it offers a large information surface. The elements, which are attached to thin threads, move even with a slight air current and thus generate even more attention.

Deco cubes advertise "Exit - the puzzle"

New in the company's program is the concept of exit rooms as Ravensburger puzzles. These imaginative puzzles are based on the idea of exit rooms, which have been successful in many cities. The motto is: puzzle, puzzle, solve. Will the players succeed in cracking all the puzzles and finding the "last" puzzle piece? A mysterious illustration immerses puzzlers and players in a mysterious world in which the "exit" must be found. For this innovative idea, Ravensburger uses, among other things, special cubes made of corrugated board to advertise the Exit Puzzles. At the same time, the sturdy P.O.P. elements offer a place to sit for game lovers who want to take their time at the specialty store to find out about new releases and game properties.

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