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Professional services from Panther for all aspects of attractive PoS presentations

For example, the experts from Panther Display and Bübchen, a brand of Katjes International GmbH & Co. KG, have maintained a close partnership and cooperation for several years. This is now being continued in a new promotional campaign, for which the comprehensive range of services and in particular the packaging by Panther Display comes into play.

For the current task in terms of Bübchen, the purchasing, provision and storage of the packaging – automatic bottom folding box with window punching and outer carton – is just as much the responsibility of Panther Display as the receipt of the specific customer goods. The requirements are clearly defined: three mini-bottles each with the popular Bübchen bath additives for children are packed together in the folding boxes. Using the colors Red, Blue and Yellow of the bottles, they playfully convey color theory, so the youngest ones also have their first experiences with the world of colors while having fun in the bath.

Panther Display then fills the outer cartons with the folding boxes and palletizes them according to a specified pattern. After these work steps, the finished goods are picked up by the customer and transported either to the customer's own warehouse or directly to the retailer.

The goods for promotional campaigns and PoS presentations are installed with secondary placements in food retail or specialist shops, where Panther Display assumes responsibility for development, material selection, printing and processing methods, production and optionally various packaging steps. The assembly, the filling of the displays as well as their safe transport to the destinations can be carried out by the employees at Panther Display and the customers can be supported in many work steps. The defined specifications are met in close cooperation with the customer: from the creative and technical development of the secondary placement to its manufacture, the stocking of goods and the professional packaging and securing of the finished displays. The services from a single source are frequently requested customer requirements, which deepen the partnership between Panther Display and the industrial companies and lead to cost-effective, sustainable PoS solutions.

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