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Popcorn cart for Chio adds nostalgia

Popcorn-Wagen für Chio sorgt für Nostalgie

The popcorn trolley can be set up with or without a pallet. Several elements make a decisive contribution to the nostalgic appearance and at the same time realistic imitation of traditional popcorn vending trolleys: two wheels that can be inserted in different positions, as well as the push handle and the awning covering the tray levels.

Altogether, the secondary placement on three trays offers space for the presentation of Chio's sweet or salty popcorn variants, which are prepared in the microwave. Chio uses the narrow side walls of the trays as well as the base and the roof for the eye-catching depiction of the brand name.

The trays are pre-assembled and therefore easy to set up. The low complexity of parts also contributes to easy handling, as does the compact packaging of the PoS unit: its dimensions and total weight allow it to be conveniently transported in the trunk of a car and the display set up on site by one person. The experts from Panther Display, with their pronounced sense of service, have come up with further simplifications for Intersnack's field service. The tubes to be inserted, which support the awning roof, are bundled and numbered. Three handle holes are integrated for the handy transport of the package.

The PoS elements made of corrugated cardboard are made from renewable raw materials and are fully recyclable after use; The material returns via the waste paper cycle as a raw material to the corrugated board industry for the production of corrugated board base paper.

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