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Panther produces the PoS stage for the famous blue and yellow spray can

More than six decades ago, specialists at Rocket Chemical Company Inc. in California found an ingenious solution for rust and corrosion protection products for NASA. Soon after their core business in WD-40 Company Ltd. The renamed company quickly conquered markets across the globe, with cleaning and care products in the famous blue and yellow spray cans and distinctive red cap. WD-40 has a branch in Germany, among others.

Above all, the PoS element from Panther picks up on the world-famous branding and the typical coloring of WD-40. The aim of the promotion is to draw attention to the manufacturer's innovation and to show its presence in retail. The extreme increase in popularity of bicycles over the last eighteen months as an environmentally friendly and climate-friendly means of transport and sports equipment has caused the number of potential customers for the WD-40 care and cleaning range to skyrocket. The special placement of the products in the Specialist series could not have come at a better time.

Perfect product view paired with high resilience

In addition to simple and quick assembly, the customer's specifications for Panther included the high load-bearing capacity, resilience and stability of the display in order to be able to transport the goods safely and present them in retail. The resulting secondary placement can be used with or without a pallet; Locks for using a pallet are included. In terms of design, WD-40's claim was to provide the promotion with the highest possible recognition value and an attractive design.

The specialists at Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik have chosen a robust yet delicate construction consisting of a one-piece casing, rolled-up, one-piece trays and a towering topper in the form of the brand-typical red cap of the original spray cans.

The products presented on four tray levels can be viewed from all four sides and are therefore easy to remove. The quick set-up is achieved through several design features: The one-piece jacket is unfolded within a second for erecting. The carded trays have an attached insert to increase stability. They are inserted into the jacket without any further work steps or tools.

Despite the large viewing window on all four sides of the display, the sleeve offers the desired print areas for product information, brand messages and design elements tailored to the target group. The comparatively small footprint of the secondary placement offers plenty of space for the new product family, refilling is easy and convenient. After the end of the promotional campaign, the entire display will be recycled via the waste paper cycle.

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