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Panther experts prove themselves as anticipation designers

The example of this year's Advent calendar for Veganz shows impressively that Panther customers continue to exploit the potential of their brands thanks to the trusting cooperation. This year, Panther Display GmbH & Co. KG developed a foldable calendar in book form for the manufacturer of vegan snacks, which is based on a tried and tested development (see also and at the same time reflects the individuality of the brand visualized. The manufacturer's constantly growing target group is encouraged to experience the increasingly popular organic products in this new form before the Advent season in stores and via the company's own online shop. Equipped with a varied selection of biscuits, bars, wine gums and other sweets, 24 create happy experiences for young and old.

The outside of the calendar has a modern and appetizing design with images of the products and offers plenty of space for Veganz's informative brand messages. Additionally developed displays for the calendar take up the design concept harmoniously and thus form a visual unit. The printed image ("hidden object") chosen for the inner part shows a lovingly designed winter landscape with numerous details as a frame for the 24 little doors. Four-color offset printing is ideally suited to produce perfectly the print motif. The high-quality finish of the folding calendar is completed by a banderole that serves as a closure. Panther Display was also entrusted with packaging by Veganz.

Santa Claus brings moments of pleasure

The presentation of high-selling items on the large area offers a wide range of options for addressing customers that are visible from afar and stimulate purchases. Panther Display has developed a variably configurable Euro pallet placement for this. Its dominating element is a three-dimensional sleigh, in which the classically depicted Santa Claus in a red robe and with a bushy white beard brings the presents. The 3D-element is connected to a board tube, so that it can be repositioned as desired and required. One or two Euro pallets can be selected for pallet placement. There is space for up to four displays with bases and self-supporting trays, each pallet is covered with a printed sleeve to create more space for the brand presentation. The overall concept also allows the number of pallets to be increased in height.

Gift packaging for tasting glasses

The WS Coswiger Wellpappe- und Papierverarbeitung GmbH convinces more and more customers with its gift packaging. The Braune’s company also takes up the folding box idea developed for special holidays or seasonal items for their egg liqueur tasting glasses. The "Braune's Selection - Heart Edition" combines 16 small glasses with flavors such as classic, crème brûlée, marzipan, raspberry, hazelnut brittle, coconut or hemp and other specialties. The heart-shaped outer packaging is based on the Panther-Plant in Coswig as well as a folding box in the shape of an Easter egg on a package with a fixed basic size, which has already been used for the Easter business.

The packaging is not glued. They are to be closed with a ribbon. For this purpose, there is a punched hole with an eyelet at the top of the outer packaging. This type of closure underlines the character of a present in combination with a high-quality print. The special features of this gift packaging are not only in the detail and filigree, but also in the possibility of year-round use in different forms.

Braune's combines 24 moments of pleasure in this year's Advent calendar, which was also created by Panther in Coswig. On every December day, the lovingly designed calendar has a treat in small jars (25 ml) ready from the extensive range of the eggnog specialists.

The “Year Again Christmas Tree”

Südwestkarton GmbH & Co. KG received the development task from the customer Flexpack GmbH Rastatt to create a Christmas tree made of corrugated board with some special features. These include the requirements to include the tree with a stable base, a star for the top and round recesses for hanging colorful balls and to decorate with fairy lights in the total of six tree elements. In addition, the corrugated board elements should be delivered flat on a pallet for space-saving, economical transport.

The individual corrugated board blanks are simply and securely put together. This is how the more than one meter high Christmas tree is created, which can be reused every year and which can also be practically disassembled and stored lying flat until it is used again.

Display presents atmospheric festive decoration

During the Advent season, many persons get in the mood for the festival with numerous brightly colored Christmas decorations. Santa Claus boots, stars, pastry plates, gift bags or stickers with festive motifs then adorn tables, windows or walls. As the manufacturer of these products, the Rodermund company relies on Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG. A shelf display was created here to present the anticipation-generating decorative elements, which accommodates both hanging goods and items lying in trays. Based on a simple and clear geometry, the secondary placement clearly places the products in the foreground. A scattered print on brown kraftliner additionally underscores the theme world.

Giving and receiving presents is one of the traditions of the Christmas festival, which is revived every year by new ideas and trends, but also preserved by beloved and indispensable classics. Year after year, the Panther Group, together with its customers, explores which colors and shapes, designs and motifs appropriately take into account both the individual brand values and the buyer's preferences. In this way, new ideas are constantly being created in trusting cooperation, which are technically sophisticated and implemented in impressive print quality in the Panther plants.

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