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Packaging family for bicycle components - Noble cases for magic components

With the slogan “Carbon par excellence”, the manufacturer demonstrates its competence. Consequently, the company decided to visualize these already by designing the packaging for the product range. Panther Packaging was commissioned to develop a packaging family that looks simple but at the same time looks very noble and provides optimal protection for precision components. Mcfk also demanded that the packaging be as small as possible and be manually erected without gluing. Panther Packaging now produces packaging for stems (for various lengths and angles), handlebars, saddles and seatposts that show a clear, uniform brand face despite different geometries. Deep black, like the carbon fiber itself, the folding lid boxes are designed both inside and outside. Drawn in some very fine lines, each box bears the image of the wrapped bicycle component. The design lines unmistakably indicate the contents of the packaging. Panther Packaging realizes the noble design in offset printing and thus achieves the required rich black in combination with the fine white lines of the component representation.

The cardboard folding lid boxes have pockets on the front. This allows Mcfk employees to manually package the custom-made, ultra-light components – for example, a manufacturer’s road bike handlebar weighs just 163 g – and securely seal the boxes. Depending on the length, at least one counter-lock is integrated in each package. The entire packaging family is manufactured from double-sided laminated e-shaft.

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