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Optimum display sockets with maximum cleverness

„Clever on stage“ is just one of many examples. This storage compartment base acts as a luggage compartment and transport container for all decorative elements of the display. Toppers, boxes for information material or a variety of decorative stamped parts that complete the appearance of the PoS presentation can be found in the base and are sent in one unit with the display. The decorative elements are always complete, they do not have to be packed separately, sent or picked up and transported by field staff, nor do they get lost before assembly on site. This saves on additional packaging material and transport, which has a positive effect on the eco-balance. The construction allows modular extensions at any time - for example by combining it with the "1-Piece-Base", another innovative base development from Panther Display with functional and sophisticated detailed solutions.

New, one-piece base with plug-in cross

The construction integrates a plug-in cross as well as plug-in lugs and fold-out locks and consists of only one part. The entire corrugated board base is manufactured in one continuous machine run on the folding box gluing machine. This creates a display base that combines the sustainability aspects of material reduction, ease of handling and recyclability.
The "1-Piece-Base" was preceded by the idea of ​​significantly simplifying the assembly through design-related properties, while at the same time saving time and achieving the required load-bearing capacity. The combination of a base with a plug-in cross usually requires a multi-part solution. Panther Display has combined all the functions in a single design with the new, stable base/socket cross construction.

Magic socket

So far, the best, but usually also the only consistently used characteristic of bases among display placements has been their large communication area, which conveys brand or product-specific images and messages. The actual interior was only used for the supporting plug-in cross. That wasn't enough for the experts at Panther Display. With "Magic!" they developed a completely new solution. The secondary placement integrates a variable number of dispensers and a feed system into the substructure, in which additional goods can now be accommodated.
When the protective transport packaging is removed, a dispenser filled with products moves out of the base. This is angled on rails in a shaft so that the goods always slide forward due to gravity and remain visible to the end consumer. The basic idea of ​​"Magic!" can be adapted in shape and size as well as to a wide variety of product geometries. This makes the display innovation interesting for new product launches or a large number of products that attract impulse purchases.
All of the Panther Group's PoS solutions must be recycled after use and returned to the used paper material cycle.

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