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On culinary journeys in the home kitchen - Davert Bio-Naturkost presents exotic dishes

Under the motto "This is how the world eats", Davert presents selected instant dishes that stand for specialties from New York, Italy, Mexico, Tel Aviv, Tokyo or Bombay. Panther Display developed the secondary placement for the PoS campaign, which is easy to set up and combines a consistent wood look with snapshots from the countries and cities of origin of the recipes.

As a partner of Davert, Panther Display is responsible for the development, production, packaging and shipping of the assembled secondary placements. In addition to a high carrying capacity of the display, which has five tray levels and can therefore hold a lot of goods, Davert wanted a simple design that creates excitement and is dynamic at the same time. This is achieved by the side extensions, which serve as additional communication surfaces and on which large-format photos are shown. Similar to a typical pin board, they are positioned in a varied and exciting way. The background is a full-surface print with a wood look, which gives the display its natural character.

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