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Modern appearance for a classic - Counter display for the colorful world of precision pens

Meetings, meetings!

Also for Staedtler was a secondary placement for annual planners of the Lumocolor© brand at Panther. The display consists of two identical parts which, placed back to back, make it possible to sell on both sides. Connected by a common top sign for the two display casings, a sales unit is created with an ideal long-distance effect in two viewing axes.

The annual planners, produced in DIN A 1 format, are turned into slim rolls and placed upright in three ascending rows in the second placement. The printed image of the display elements, bases, coats and top sign picks up on the design of the annual calendar and thus communicates the product promise unequivocally.

Staedtler uses the print area of ​​the topper for the well-known brand logo and also for product descriptions printed in five languages, which refer to the enclosed Lumocolor© correctable and the integrated wiper as well as a pen clip for each annual planner. The special feature of this calendar is that entered appointments can be easily corrected if necessary, notes can be removed dry or wet.

The PoS element presents the annual calendars for 2021 in an attractive and inviting way. Repeated refilling is easy. After the end of the sales campaign, the corrugated board display is completely fed into the recycling cycle of waste paper.

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