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Merchandising for pharmacies - major offensive for healthy airways

The ensemble of shop window decoration elements, ceiling hangers and 3D displays manufactured by Panther Display puts the product range based on natural substances in the limelight in an eye-catching way. At the same time, the presentation inspires consumer confidence to either make a preventive purchase or to take action against typical colds that are already on display.

3D jumbo packs are designed for the display window, showing the original packaging in oversized form and drawing the attention of passers-by to the products. In addition, there is a display with the above-mentioned claim.

In addition, a hand-held sales display for the consultation and sales zones in the pharmacy serves as a sales promotion tool. The element, consisting of two cubes placed on top of each other, rests on a flat base. The highlight: The cubes can be turned against each other. In this way, the goods-carrying upper cube can be oriented with the open side facing the pharmacy employee. This allows easy refilling at any time.

One side of the lower cube has a compartment for end-user brochures about Bronchicum®, which customers can remove at any time and insert for further reading.

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