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Medicine for impulse buys - 3D pedestal gives display vivid staging

The recess of the base can be used for various front panels and product images that highlight the different preparations and thus specifically focus on the complaints that vary among consumers: anginetten® throat tablets or anginetten® throat tablets sugar-free, which are also suitable for diabetics, anginetten® dolo acute throat tablets or anginetten® voice, the hydro-protection for stressed voice, hoarseness, throat clearing and scratchy throat. Common to the presentation is the claim "The throat medicine for all cases", which the Klosterfrau Group positions at several points of the product-carrying display: From the topper to the side panels to the pre-set in the base. Depending on the general weather or cold situation in everyday life, the secondary placement can be adapted to consumer demand at short notice. This is because the placement of the goods trays, which are arranged in ascending order, can be variably oriented to demand on site at any time.

GMP manufacturing authorization according to AMG for Panther Display

Panther Display now holds the GMP manufacturing authorization according to §13 of the German Medicines Act (AMG). This official certification allows Panther Display to carry out packaging of pharmaceutical products on behalf of customers. This includes the storage of pharmaceuticals and medical devices, the placement of hand-held sales displays, pay plates and floor displays as well as other sales displays. Panther Display is also allowed to pack pharmaceuticals in secondary packaging, replace package inserts and carry out the labeling and placement of trial or physician samples. In addition, it is possible to create OnPacks, including the disposition of the required promotional materials.

With nearly 2,500 square feet of dedicated space for packaging, storage and cleanroom areas, Panther Display has ample production space for this service. Pharmaceutical products are also stored and shipped under temperature control. The range of services also includes individual shipping to pharmacies.

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