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Many promotions for the European Football Championship

As the examples from Panther's JuicefulThings think tank show, there is a wide range of sales-promoting PoS and packaging solutions and advertising materials with a clear link to the world of soccer that can showcase a wide variety of products in a theme-oriented way. There are consistent concepts from large surfaces to shop window decorations or counter displays.

With island displays, secondary placements can be transformed into small fan miles: Large-format arrangements that offer space for several pallets of the thirst-quenchers are particularly suitable for beverage brands. The presentation, which is open on all sides, allows optimum access to the merchandise. Decorative frame elements, individually printed, imitate soccer goals; contour-punched toppers open up the possibility of integrating additional elements in any shape.

Depending on the space available, Panther creates PoS elements and displays based on different pallet base dimensions, at variable heights, with pedestals, various goods-carrying vertical levels - or even with inclined compartments.

Entertainment for the half time break

An imaginative example of dealing with the soccer theme is the packaging for the food area designed as a soccer arena. Confectionery or snacks will find plenty of space in this flat, elegant tray. The box, printed on the inside, contains the pitch for an entertaining game - blowball. So even the time until the penalty shootout is survived with a lot of fun.

Vibrant bobbing chutes - consumers and display interacting

Panther brings a lot of movement to the PoS with the development of a secondary placement with an open frame construction: "Moving Star" is a very flexible sales promotion element for a wide variety of products. The developers from the think tank JuicefulThings use several cardboard tubes for the innovative display solution, which are inserted between the support columns of the frame in order to hang individual product carriers such as tubs, clothes hangers or closed boxes. The highlight is that these elements can swing back and forth on the tubes. The consumer is explicitly encouraged to set the tubs in motion and then remove the goods. As the example of the soccer balls in the fanshop display (Fig. 2) shows, the little balls always slide forward to the removal opening when the crate is bumped.

For the presentation of different goods, it is possible, for example, to combine bulk goods together with garments hanging on hangers in a secondary placement.

The Moving Star interactive display can be supplemented with individually shaped top signs. Additional space for brand messages is provided in the base area. Panther implements the customer- or brand-specific print design of the display using the individually optimal technology, from digital printing to flexo direct, flexopreprint and offset printing.

The open frame construction appears very light and yet is very stable and resilient. For longer-term use, the respective goods can be reloaded very easily and many times.

The "Vitamin Kick", a multi-part window display that uses the 3D effect and is easy to set up, can also liven up the window display in an eye-catching way. Two back wall elements with a footrest, a contour-cut footballer figure in front, a full-size soccer made of corrugated board, as well as two pennants and three jumbo packs make up this decorative element, which can showcase a wide variety of products in a lively and coherent way.

Fascination soccer, for the think tank JuicefulThings this emotionally highly charged world is a cornucopia for further creative concepts - also for display stands, which convey their advertising message very effectively. For a long time, the sexes have shared their enjoyment of important soccer matches on fan miles and are equally amenable to advertising messages that play thematically with the sports world. Therefore, a package designed as a handbag or tote bag shaped as a soccer and printed accordingly will attract a lot of attention.

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