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Kitchen studio at the PoS- inspiration for varied cooking

The print motifs of the secondary placements are based on real kitchen shelves and rows. This also allows the integration of stacking trays, which are placed on top of each other on the raised base of the small placement. A ½-pallet solution consists of two ¼-pallets positioned side by side. Topper struts are placed to the side of the pallets, and a printed wall closes the secondary placement at the back. With this campaign, consumers are already transported in their minds in front of the stove at home and inspired to new cooking ideas.

The display modules can be used variably for 1/1, ½ or ¼ pallet sizes. Both as medium or large placements and on small surfaces, they generate a high level of attention in the market for the culinary theme worlds of Maggi products. The displays are set up by sales representatives at the PoS, where the secondary placements hold the ingredients for dishes that go well. Consumers already see themselves in a real kitchen at the point of sale and   find decision-making aids for preparing ever new culinary experiences. The assembly of the second placements happens with few handles, video assembly instructions are nevertheless callable as a relief over a QR code. For convenient transport, they are shipped as a handy package with a grip hole. The basic design of the new secondary placements follows the previously highly successful displays for Maggi, which recreated a market stall or dining room.

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