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Juiceful Things "Magic!"

As soon as the shipping hood is pulled off, a dispenser automatically slides out of the base due to the slanted arrangement and the weight of the pre-packaged product. Even in the dispenser, the product slides out on its own due to its own weight after removal and is thus always ready to hand for the consumer.

Optimally, this mechanism can be locked if desired by pressing down a flap in the shaft. In this case, pressing down a flap directly on the base leads to unhindered access to the product in the removal compartment, which is then stored flush with the front in the base.

The size, number and position of the dispenser can be varied according to product requirements. Printed all around with a brand-strong design, this base sells additional articles in an eye-catching way or serves as an inviting dispenser for new products or test goods during promotion campaigns.

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