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Juiceful Things "Rotary display"

Display has the knack: Four sides in front

Thanks to a wooden turntable as a substructure, all four sides of the display can be moved into any position at any time. This secondary placement is a further development of Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik's revolving stand display, for which a patent has already been applied.

The body consists of boxes that are placed in a pallet tray. To make it as easy as possible to load, the boxes are supplied pre-assembled. A clever folding process before the boxes are glued together ensures that bottoms drop down once they are hooked in, creating trays as if by themselves to hold the products. The dead weight of the various products then pushes the bottoms down enough to ensure that they snap securely into place and remain stable. With this design, it takes very little effort to fill - or refill - the secondary placement in a short time.

The different tray levels allow maximum visibility and access to the various products. Connecting rivets give the unit a secure hold. Alternatively, the experts at Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik have developed a suitable rotating display for hanging goods to cover both placement options.

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