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Juiceful Things "Curve Standee"

The result is a standee that, thanks to its design, is ideal as an advertising medium for PoS promotions. It combines elements of the action and dynamism desired from soccer matches with photographic images of popular players in full body action.

With the print area curving forward towards the top, a 3D effect is created, giving the standee a convincing spatial depth. The overall design aims to make the campaign as attractive as possible, attracting the interest of shoppers and thus effectively triggering buying impulses.

With a height of 1.60 m and a width of just under 80 cm, the promotion element offers a large-format image surface on which the World Cup event is thematized in an exciting way and the advertised product is prominently presented. A version with a straight back wall is also possible; the standee can display different snapshots of the soccer world with several parts.

The dimensions are such that the standee can be delivered on pallets, including outer packaging. As an addition to secondary placements, the curvy standee is the ideal companion.

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