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It's greening and blooming everywhere - seed selection for urban gardeners

In addition to one's own garden, small balconies, roof terraces, flat roofs or even facades are increasingly being transformed into growing areas for self-sown or planted useful and ornamental plants. The trend of "urban gardening" is on the rise everywhere in cities. After all, it's not just Schreber gardens or home gardens that invite people to grow fresh ingredients for a healthy diet. Even in small spaces, a variety of herbs and vegetables grow and flourish. Accordingly, the successful supplier of seeds, the company Gartenland Aschersleben, has lavishly stocked the secondary placement units - they offer freshness for every taste.

This is reflected in the company's extensive product range, which uses displays, manufactured by Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik, a member of the Panther Group, on a seasonal basis at the PoS. The secondary placements offer space for around 150 to 180 different products, including premium seeds and pulses, depending on customer requirements. The successful company places several thousand of these sales promotion aids in stores every year. Easy handling, attractive design and the highest possible reliability of the display are therefore very important.

Panther has developed a display solution that offers decisive advantages for both the customer and the retail staff.

The display, which is designed as a rotating stand, consists of four boxes that are hooked into place. To make it as easy as possible to assemble, the boxes are prefabricated at Wepoba. A clever folding process before the boxes are glued together ensures that they drop down once they are hooked in, creating trays to hold the seeds, etc. The dead weight of the various Gartenland products then pushes the trays down enough to securely snap into place and remain stable. With this design, it takes very little effort to fill - or refill - the secondary placement in a short time.

The tray levels allow maximum visibility and access to the various products. Plastic rivets and transport pads give the unit a secure hold. For the lowest layers of goods, which usually hold the heaviest products - pulses - Wepoba's experts have included a double upstand in the trays to increase torsional rigidity.

Wepoba Wellpappenfabrik produces a total of three decor variants for Gartenland. These include the wood look produced in the Flexo-Preprint process and two other mono colorings.

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