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Impulsive island placements - Winter Wonderland from Bahlsen stages snowy mountain worlds at the PoS

Speculatius, gingerbread, cinnamon stars and various pastries are presented, which attract not only at Christmas time, but throughout the winter. As a reward during and after winter sports activities or simply in everyday life during the dark season, the popular products sweeten the day.

The action relies entirely on the attraction and emotionalizing, visual effect of the sun-lit mountain peaks and a cozy hut. Consumers are additionally attracted by a supplementary competition in which the winner receives a trendy airboard. The PoS elements produced by Panther Display complement the product-bearing large-area displays with a separate display that draws attention to the competition and carries an original airboard. And in order to increase the number of impulse purchases even further, high-quality gift carrier bags are attached to the side surfaces of the displays: These bags, offered free of charge, are intended to serve consumers as a practical shopping aid with gift character and increase the incentive to buy. All elements of the sales promotion campaign are coordinated with one another.

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